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No pretense.

Known for her beachy waves, flawless tan and effortless style, Elle Ferguson is Founder and Creative Director of Elle Effect as well as digital creative.  What is less known, is that in real life, she's as down to earth, genuine and kind as she is awesome.

Fashion can be tricky. Elle makes it look easy.  You can ruin it by caring too much about what people think.  Ruin it by trying desperately to keep up with seasonal looks, frantically trying to be on trend, to the detriment of your bank account and sense of worth. The key, of course, is knowing what you like, and wearing it with confidence.  Elle is a master at this.  She defines her own style and wears it with an unaffected, quiet confidence of someone who knows her stuff.  Elle is known for choosing quality pieces that last and wearing them with a sense of fun.  Which is why we were so excited to create our first collaboration bag with her....

"When I collaborate with a brand it has to be the right fit. I’ve been a big fan of Status Anxiety for many years and I just LOVE their vibe and the quality of the products. To be able to design my own bag was a real dream come true."
  Elle Ferguson

Being the product of two different, but complimentary designers the piece draws on the same Yin/Yang symbolism and incorporates design elements like the custom lining, silk scarf and oversized shoulder strap give a rebellious edge to the piece. 



"I love a bag that can be worn many different ways and also open to interpretation. I love that you can tie the bandana on your bag or wear it on your head. I am a HUGE fan of a classic black bag, it's an investment that will last all seasons. The Yin/Yang sign is for my mumma..."  Elle Ferguson.



Lots of Pinterest mood-boarding, emails and zoom meetings (including the one Will locked Elle's manager out of accidentally).  "It was a super fun and easy process with Elle as we had quite a strong alignment of the elements we wanted to bring into the piece",  Will comments. 


Unique to the piece was the incorporation of the Yin Yang symbol across the bag.  Size, scale and negative space was key to maintaining the simplicity of the piece and was used to avoid the strong symbolism taking over the bag itself. 



The Elle Ferguson X Status Anxiety bag is a limited edition piece and available exclusively online only.



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