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In the lead up to Father’s Day, we caught up with a few of our favourite Dads to discuss life and what being a Dad has taught them. Here’s to celebrating them as they teach, support, wrestle with and raise their kids. Dads doing their thing.



Meet Matt Johnson, our photographer and friend for years.  MJ grew up in Sydney but now lives in the Byron Shire with his wife Mads and three boys; Husker, Jorge and Miro.  MJ is the creative behind @thesealife, @the_loved_ones and @matthewgraemejohnsonHe’s down to earth, kind and always the calmest person in the room (especially on our shoot days). Managing Mad’s business, his own creative work and three boys is non stop… but MJ does a solid job of keeping first things first.



Tell us something you love about being a Dad?

So many things come to mind! I love the boys’ curiosity and their sense of adventure. It’s a constant reminder for myself to stay open to the world and all that it has to offer.

When raising little people what do you and Mads care less about?

We care less about a tidy house! With boys it’s all about embracing the mess (within reason!) and getting your hands dirty; playing, wrestling, building, climbing and everything that comes with it.

What do you and Mads care more about?

We now place a bigger importance on slowing down and taking the time to be present. We also spend more time in nature which helps to keep us all grounded.




Ben is a Sydney based travel and lifestyle photographer and together with his wife @krystal.brooke regularly create content for us. Ben is Dad to three girls; Chanel, Harper, Kobi and so knows a thing or two about managing girl feelings. Ben and Krystal manage to structure their work-life to spend as much time as they can with their girl gang.



Tell us something you love about being a Dad?

Being a dad of 3 girls is such a fun thing, I love being a big part of their lives and watching them grow. 

When raising little people what is important to you and Krystal?

We really try to focus on values with our girls and try and let them make decisions that hopefully will make them better people as they grow. As a photographer, I also try to capture our moments with them as they seem to pass so much faster every day!

We’re all about not sweating the small stuff, what's something you don't stress about too much when raising your kids?

I try not to stress when they make mistakes, we were all kids once, we all learn in different ways, I try to make sure they know they're loved.

Any Father's Day traditions?

We usually start with a brekky in bed and the girls bring in a few presents and a homemade Father's Day card. Later in the day, we meet with the grandparents and spend some time with the extended fam.




Meet Tinashe, dad to the cutest crew of two boys, Hudson and Easton.  Living in Melbourne, Fathers Day this year won’t involve heading out for lunch… So instead they’re making some new traditions at home and keeping two busy boys entertained in lockdown.



Tell us something you love about being a Dad.

I love experiencing things through my kid’s eyes. All the first times, having a beginners mind to everything. It gives me a fresh perspective and gratitude.  

When raising little people what do you and Amanda care less about?

I am big on free play, which involves letting them pull out all their toys at one time and go wild. We do however get in trouble when we forget to pack up after (sorry babe…)

What do you care more about?

For me, it’s giving them a sense of independence. For example, small things like allowing them to choose between vegemite or peanut butter on their toast.   Being kind is super important for the both of us.  We are always telling the boys to take care of each other. 

Any Father's Day traditions?

Not really. Would like to start one. Any tips?
Happy Father's Day from us to all the Dad's out there! 





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