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  Lucy and Nikki are a duo if we’ve ever seen one. Co-owners and Founders of Jagger and Stone, the faces behind @wethe_wildones, and just in case that wasn’t enough, the girls also run their own podcast; Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki (definitely recommend).
They’re all about good vibes, having fun, and not taking life too seriously.



Lucy, tell us something that'd surprise us about Nikki, and Nikki, what’s something about Lucy that we wouldn't know?

NIKKI: Lucy has this habit that we call "feng shui" where when we hang out socially, or even just the two of us, she has to make sure that the environment and surroundings are SO comfortable. Like for example, if we go into a restaurant, she has to pick where we sit to make sure it's not too hot, not too cold, good views and everyone can see each other... And god forbid your handbag not be put away properly! But it always makes for a great dining experience!  

LUCY:  Nik was SO quiet as a kid - like FREAKY QUIET. Wouldn't even let her Mum order her tuck shop for lunch because she was too embarrassed to collect it. I refer to it as 'quiet freak'... and now she's one of the most outgoing people I know. How weird!



How do you spend most days?

NIKKI:  Monday to Friday we're in our office (Jagger & Stone HQ) working. We actually spend a lot of time in our office but we honestly love it, we've made the space our own and feel proud of the space we've made. We live in Burleigh Heads QLD so we rarely go outside of our bubble, to be honest. 

LUCY: I pretty much have the exact same life as Nikki - so exactly as above.



You guys have the most amazing cult following, what are your insider tips and tricks for growing a community.  

NIKKI: I'll just say something quickly because Lucy is definitely the master in this... But with Jagger, in particular, we just made sure that our brand was SUPER clear to ourselves and that whatever we posted reflected the "MOOD" of Jagger & Stone. That way the people who come over to follow you know exactly why they're there and actually want to be. 

LUCY: I think it's always important to have a clear message as to why your community is there; are you giving them fashion inspiration? Or helping them with workout advice? Once your message is clear, it's always important to stick to your brand/aesthetic.



What's been the biggest breakthrough or career highlight?

BOTH: Definitely launching Jagger and Stone - and seeing it do so well. We're so proud and just love what we do every single day.

Best on the road/festival tips and what's always in your bag?

NIKKI: I always have a lip balm and a foundation brush in my handbag. I'm quite literally obsessed with my lip balm, ask anyone I know I'm always that crazy girl applying it non stop. And I'm not one to do touch-ups, mainly because I suck at makeup, however, I love having a clean foundation brush in my handbag because it's good to just dab sweat etc. to keep your makeup looking (somewhat) fresh. 

LUCY: I literally pack so last minute and forget everything - but if you can remember something, DON'T FORGET YOUR ID. Nik always packs a portable charger that I steal at some point too so that's a good thing to remember.






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