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Feeling cooped up?


Our friend Rochelle @justanothermannequin worked remotely from this little farmstay in Milton.  She shows us how to balance routine, rest and enjoying the lack of commute.

 As a full time creative… and serial perfectionist, Rochelle works from home, creates content, styles and is planning her wedding to Scott @thebarmann. 

Now that a few more of us are working from home on the Corona immune internet – we asked her for a few hacks.




Start well. 

Put on a motivating podcast while you get ready for the day.  Make your bed, do your skincare routine and get that coffee happening.   Her favourite podcasts right now are: 



Hamish & Andy 

She's On The Money


Dress smart casual.  

You wanna be able to maximise the at home comfort levels… but find a balance where you still feel kinda professional.  Wear your comfiest jeans with a button up shirt, a cute dress with a cardy or the classic jean, t-shirt and blazer combo for a boss-at-home vibe. 


Catch some rays.  

Keep vitamin D levels up with sunshine where you can.  If ever there was a time to step outside and look up and appreciate  - now could be it. Daily vitamin D is your excuse. If you’re not commuting to work – use that time to fit in a home workout, walk round the block or just learn to notice and admire the little things.   



 Stay inspired.

 Be intentional to keep your workspace inspiring and away from the TV and bedroom.  Set up in your home office or on your dining table, with a comfy chair, lamp and some plants, flowers or a little cactus.  A clean space with just the essentials, helps to keep your mind focused and calm. 





 Schedule a 5pm FaceTime and wine with a friend… or call your grandma.  Check in on someone who needs their day brightened. It’s a good time to find fresh ways to connect and refocus on the things (and people) that really matter.  



Working from home happens.  Shop Rochelle’s essentials.



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